Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pet GPS Guide

Pet GPS Guide

Automatically ‘guides dogs where to walk.
• Call Your Pet Home ™: pet gets ‘communication to return home, when owner presses a button. Invention gives positive and negative signals based on the direction the dog is walking.
• Path 'Guide: stay on a narrow path so as not to wander into 'undesignated area. The further from the path, the greater the mild shock given to dog.
• Underground wire may 'designate the desired boundaries (exists without GPS). Such wiring used for the perimeter of a yard without a fence; this warns dog with a mild signal should they approach the wire.
• Should dog cross path any way [such as male pursuing a female dog], the dog can return back home over the wire without punishment, since upon existing, the 'punishment mode is deactivated until the dog gets within the ‘zone again.
• Pet Path Teacher ™: Can teach a pet to repeatedly travel via a same route by sending positive signals, maybe when they are within 5 degrees of the correct direction. Dog could be a courier of sorts, such as on large construction sites, or where roads aren’t built in environmentally sensitive ‘zones.

Valuable 15-year world license. Patent pending in over 80 countries. Simplified flexible license agreement Only five percent royalty, five thousand dollar deposit. Pick your manufacturer, or we’ll connect you with several. Patent filed Jan 2006.

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