Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adaptive App Suggests Better Apps For iPhone & Androids

Innovation Institute's unique Adaptive App TM can improve what you get from your apps. The patent pending invention will study your needs, then suggest modifications to the apps to improve your user experience.  The future Adaptive App will offer blue prints for how your favorite apps could become even more adaptable to your unique needs.

Adaptive App Blueprints TM will either provide programmers suggestions for how to modify standard off the shelf apps; or Adaptive App will suggest a better existing app.  In later years, Adaptive App will even take blank template apps and modify them automatically to Adaptively Match TM your needs.

Until the Adaptive App Blueprints release Innovation Institute suggests app users consider Chomp an existing app search engine.  Read more on Chomp:

Other inventions from Innovation Institute will also provide similar services for other types of software used on your home and work computers.

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