Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Innovative Housing Design Protects Against Strong Winds. Allen DuSault

Tomorrow's Innovative Housing Design May Protect Houses From Natural Disasters & Cut Energy Costs.  Plus Smart Housing Looks Way Cool & Trendy.

Living in a box is dangerous when dealing with strong winds: Most design houses into some rectangular box like shape. However squarish designs have lousy geometry when it comes to shedding wind forces. Here is a new concept to fight against the force of wind.

Use earth materials like bricks and "bag house" construction to cut energy costs.  Bag houses use thick clayish material for walls, that keep the house warm at night, and cooler in the day.

Allen DuSault also invented a unique bridge design protecting against earthquakes. Allen DuSault works actively in protecting the earth from human activity.

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  1. This Smart & Innovative Housing Design Article Tells How To Protect Against Strong Winds. Allen DuSault is a bright designer.