Thursday, February 16, 2012

China Trashing Space? China Created 150,000 Pieces Of Space Junk In One Day

Chine Will Probably Change Their Space Junk Policy.  Yet China Unfortunately Created 150,000 Pieces Of Space Junk In 2007.

China blew up a Chinese satellite its missile. That created 150,000 smaller pieces of Chinese space junk floating around space. This can be dangerous.
The Chinese space debris might travels up to 17,500 miles/hour - that's 28,000 Km/Hr.  The Chinese are not the only ones to blame. This and space junk from many other countries destroys valuable satellites and spacecraft working in space.  Those accidents will next generate more space fragments floating in space. 

The EU and US are in talks on agreeing to informal rules to control space junk.  But how could an EU US space debris protection control program control the many unintended space accidents? Is fining a satellite managing company a viable solution?  Large fines will create economic incentives to reduce the occurrences of space junk says Innovation Institute's tracking technology program developing the Space Junk Matrix TM and Tracking Matrix TM inventions.

The US is considering using lasers to destroy space fragments.  But that might bust the floating junk into even smaller pieces when the laser interaction doesn't work as desired.

The Swiss have a solution. A proposed EU US space debris protection control program should like the Swiss invention that grabs debris to be redirected to crash back to earth.  But the costs are not predicted to become viable.

Read more on how the Swiss plan to retrieve their space satellites at

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