Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video Game Popularity To Increase With Adaptive Game Technology

The Interactive Achievement Awards for video games didn't get as much interest as hoped. There are many reasons. One reason is Interactive Achievement Awards enjoy less facial familiarity than TV stars.

Today's market might consume film for longer periods, while non adaptive games have shorter lives.  Adaptive Game TM technology from Innovation Institute should change game boredom stemming from lack of adaptability says Innovation Institute LLC.
Adaptive Games learns what most interests players.  Then the patent pending technology adapts by tweaking game interactions to peak player interests.  Adaptive Games for example knows the player likes blond or asian characters, then lets the player girls that match the player's ideal "type".  There's much more in the published "Genius Adaptive Design" patent application filed in all major countries.

More reasons for why Interactive Achievement Awards might lack the popularity expected.

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