Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adaptive Passwords Beat Biometric Passwords? Biometric Passwords Can Be Copied.

Biometric passwords provide a false sense of security.  Even more adaptive and smarter passwords are the future trend says Innovation Institute, LLC.

"Black Bag" techniques can be used to obtain and copy biometric data while the legitimate user is gaining access.  Unadaptive biometrics has limits. Non adaptive biometric data might be copied by copycat hackers, then used to gain access later. The hacker just pretends to be the real person by uploading the copied biometric data without the legitimate person's knowledge.

Innovation Institute's Adaptive Passwords TM change each time.  The legitimate user need not necessarily know all the aspects of the password "chain". The system's Adaptive Protocol TM will tweak what's needed to fool hackers.

This is all part of the world's largest know patent applications such as "Genius Adaptive Design".

Since patent applications have to be made public, provisional infringers appear to be using a portion of Innovation Institute's decades of research without paying a penny.


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  2. Here's a sample biometric invention touted with all the rage. Did they forget to mention the risks