Monday, February 13, 2012

Racism? Good & Bad Sides With Outsourcing Innovative Manufacturing To Poor Countries

Are There Good & Bad Sides With Outsourcing? Will Innovative Manufacturing Sent To Poor Countries Only Become A Bad Thing?

While horrible work conditions in many (not all) foreign factories cannot be tolerated, there are positive sides to spreading the wealth to poor countries.  If all humans are equal (presuming that one American person is not any more a person with rights than humans in other countries), then everyone might be given a fairer chance to a good job.

Poor countries have few good jobs. Poor education is part of the problem.  On the job work training helps. As these economies grow from help via international manufacturers, the people there begin to earn more money.  With more money they can start to import more products. Then the increased size of world markets drops prices for manufacturers working on economies of scale.  Everyone benefits on this score.

Let's not be racist and start considering everyone a person with equal rights. Citizenship should not be a form of prejudice.

Look at the other aspects of creating equality via outsourcing.  But remember that companies like Apple will be investigated by certain sects bent against not only inhuman practices, but anything that might make a non American considered equal to an American?

How about more California manufacturing?  See MakeItInCalifornia.COM and MakeItInCalifornia.NET.

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